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Richardson MathForward Project Second Year Final Report: Math TAKS Results 

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University of Texas - Austin 


Stroup, W. and Alexander, C. 




University of Texas - Austin 


Mathematics Education 


Austin, TX 


In conclusion, under OLS analyses the study intervention is effective in raising both Type 1 (students who failed the previous year TAKS) and Type 2 (students who passed the previous year TAKS) students’ mean NCE scores. This lends significant support for the versatility and inclusiveness of the intervention when it comes to classroom use. Due to this increasing of the Type 2 Study students’ scores and lack of growth in all other Type 2 students, OLS regression analysis always yield significant results, but regression discontinuity often did not. The closer the Type 1 Control students were to the Type 1 Study students, the more likely the regression discontinuity would fail to find significance.

Future work, to validate some of the implications of these analyses, should examine what is happening in the Control classes. This is especially true for the Control 2 classes which in this analysis resemble the Study classes the most at the Type 1 level. 

Regression discontinuity analyses did show significance at the district level comparison.  In general across OLS and RDD analyses, when significance was found the effect of the intervention was in the four to six point range for improved NCE score on a 100 point scale.  Even when significance was not reached, the results often were trending in this range.  This convergence of results across complementary methodologies lends further credibility both these findings and to the methodologies developed for these analyses.

To conclude, the overall results indicate that the MathForward intervention resulted in scores of students below passing in one year improve their scores by 4-6.5 points in the subsequent year.

In contrast to other forms of intervention that result in some improvement in outcome for underperforming students but at the apparent expense of students scoring above the passing level, the results of this study suggest scores for all students in classes using the MathForward program improved. All students appeared to benefit from participation in the MathForward program.




MathForward, Richardson ISD, RISD, TAKS, TI-Navigator, TI-73,Graphing Calculators 

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