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Sinclair, Margaret, Owston, Ron, Wideman, Herb, Allan, Amanda (2009): TI-Navigator Study Final Report.  Toronto: York University.  September, 2009 

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York University 


Sinclair, Margaret; Owston, Ron; Wideman, Herb; Allen, Amanda 




York University 


Department of Mathematics Education 


Toronto, Canada 


This quasi-experimental study provides moderately strong evidence that:
–In the main implementation year of the study, academic math classes using TI-Navigator with PD learned significantly more than similar classes without TI-Navigator.  A non-significant but positive trend also was found in the applied classes, which also showed other positive effects.
–A follow-up longitudinal analysis of a subset of participants the following year showed continued positive effects in qualitative data.  The subset was too small for adequately sensitive quantitative analysis.
–Teachers were very positive about the effects of TI-Navigator use on students, noting that students enjoyed the activities and were motivated to participate.
–The researchers concluded that use of TI-Navigator can encourage a more open pedagogy (i.e., one that is in line with NCTM precepts) when teachers believe that mathematics is socially constructed and that mathematics teaching must involve students in investigating and discussing mathematics.




TI-Navigator; TI-84; Grade 9, Grade 10, Canada 

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Additional conference presentations on this project:
Sinclair, M., & Wideman, H. (2009). TI-Navigator implementation, and teacher conceptions of math and math teaching. In Tzekaki, M., Kaldrimidou, M. & Sakonidis, H. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 33rd conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (Vol 5, pp. 105-112). Thessaloniki, Greece, July, 2009.

Sinclair, M. & Wideman, H. (2009) Use of TI-Navigator in early secondary mathematics: Challenge and opportunity. Paper presented in the research symposium, Learning and Teaching Mathematics in a TI-Navigator-Connected Classroom, at the Research Presession of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2009 Annual Meeting and Exposition, Washington, DC, April 2009.

Sinclair, M., Wideman, H., Kallish, L.,& Fiorini, M. (2008). Linked hand-held technology in early secondary mathematics. Paper presented at the 11th conference of the International Congress for Mathematical Education, Monterrey, Mexico, July, 2008.
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