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Case Study #20 -Improving Student Performance with the TI-Navigator™ System: A Pedagogical Journey Case Study 20 

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Case Study 20 - rev. October 2009 - Ontario - Driscoll - TI-Navigator 




Texas Instruments 


Derrick Driscoll 








London, Ontario, Canada 


Formative assessment with TI-Navigator has helped this teacher to deal efficiently with misconceptions, and to use class time more efficiently.  In the process, his thinking about teaching and learning has evolved


Case study


Case study, TI-Navigator, Graphing Calculators, Formative Assessment, underachievers, misconceptions 

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The pedagogy described here is a basic change from the usual teacher-centered, lock-step class. In my classroom, learning difficulties are revealed to all by real-time data, and my students and I are engaged in a continuous process of improving performance. There is no blaming and there are no excuses. We are all detectives.

The methods described above allow me to see whether I have improved performance amongst my students, or whether it is decreasing. I can judge, in real time, which strategies have improved performance, for which students. The typical formal assessments and class average reports don’t tell me what I need to know.
It is my current belief that changes to strategies that positively impact those students who are underperforming will not adversely affect the grades of those students who are already surpassing their formative assessment grades. Stated in another way, the strategies that I employ are delivered to the entire class, but the driving force behind the delivery of any strategy is to get those students who are underperforming to do better.
One must understand that I believe technology used in a particular way can impact grades, but it must also be used in tandem with other strategies to improve performance for those students who require it. In other words, reliance on only one strategy will not improve everyone’s grades.
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