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Integrating multi-representational software into mathematics teaching -- trajectories of teachers' practices 

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Alison Clark-Wilson 




University of Chichester 


Mathematics Education 


Chichester, UK 


New digital technological tools offer increasingly complex functionalities with the facility to combine and manipulate multiple mathematical representations within a single software package. However, little is known about how teachers begin to integrate such technologies into their classroom practices. It can be argued that, without a deeper understanding of the teachers’ learning processes, it will be difficult to envisage how teachers can be supported in their professional development in order to meet the future needs of their more digitally aware students. Within the context of a research project that focused on the introduction of the Texas Instruments’ TI-Nspire handheld and software package to English classrooms (Texas Instruments, 2007), this chapter will outline the instrument utilisation schemes developed by the teachers as evidenced by the classroom activities they designed for their students. It continues to show how the analysis of an individual teacher’s utilisation schemes provides an insight into their learning trajectory within the context of the study. The chapter concludes by outlining some possible areas for future research.


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TI-Nspire, Algebra, Geometry, Use Cases 

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The author has developed a diagrammatic representation of use cases for TI-Nspire, mapping from numeric, syntactic or geometric problems onto calculator functions: numeric-measured, numeric-calculated, numeric - tabulated, syntactic, graphical-coordinate points, graphical-function graph, geometric.

This is a book chapter:
Clark-Wilson, A. (2012). Integrating multi-representational software into mathematics teaching -- trajectories of teachers' practices. Visual Mathematics and Cyberlearning. D. Martinovic and V. Freiman. The Netherlands, Springer. 1: 300.

The book is scheduled for publication in summer 2012.
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