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Does the Use of the TI-Nspire Navigator in a High School Mathematics Classroom Increase Student Achievement? 

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Molloy College 


Patrick W. Walsh 




Molloy College 




Rockville Center, NY 


With the ever changing landscape of American education, it is vital for schools to provide teachers and students with the latest forms of technology that can foster a positive learning environment for all students. The advancements that have occurred in technology and education have greatly helped both students and teachers have success in the classroom. In addition, with the increase in diverse learners and varying achievement levels found in each classroom, it is crucial for teachers to be able to modify their lessons and differentiate instruction so that all learners can achieve. One specific advancement in technology and education has been the Texas-Instruments product, the TI-Nspire Navigator. The TI-Nspire Navigator is a wireless device that connects to the back of the students’ calculator. Connection occurs through a router and a laptop. Once connected, the teacher can send the students questions, quizzes, or data to the calculator instantly. At that point, students respond to the question by sending their results back to the teacher. The information is displayed on the laptop in an organized form. It is the goal of this study was to determine how the TI-Nspire Navigator affects student achievement in the classroom.
Specifically, this study analyzed the use of the TI-Nspire Navigator in two mathematics classrooms – one 9th grade Algebra Regents class and one 10th grade Algebra Extended Class containing special education students. Data was collected over a six week period, through student and teacher surveys, quiz/test results, and teacher observations. The researcher analyzed and observed how student achievement changed when the TI-Nspire Navigator was incorporated into the classroom. Furthermore, data was collected to observe its role in increasing student achievement for not just the general education student, but the special needs student as well.


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TI-Navigator, TI-Nspire, New York, Algebra, Common Core Standards, CCSS, Special Education, Case Study 

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Overall, this study addressed the aforementioned action research question that the Nspire Navigator can improve student achievement in the mathematics classroom. Through observations, surveys, and test scores, it is clear that this cohort saw improvement in many areas by using the Navigator in the classroom. It is recommended to make the Navigator a consistent method of instruction within the classroom; however it should not dominate instruction.
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